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Three Sisters - 1-Aug-2010
Three Sisters is a womans group who make beautiful jewellery using recycled magazines. The group is based in Jinja, Uganda. It was started by three friends Ida Bazonoona, Irene Kimeze and Apophia Kwesiga. The three woman are the main breadwinners for their families so they started making the popular paper jewellery as a means of earning an extra income.
Zakala Creations - 2-Feb-2009
Feb 2009 Update to Project:

The workshop is going from strength to strength. Recently it was re-furbished and fitted with internet access. This is a big help to the group who had to travel into town through Nairobi's notorious traffic to access the internet for their orders and product development. Zakale new animal range of jewellery was a big hit at the Christmas markets last year and enabled profits to be re-invested into the workshop. Coming soon will be blogs from Zakale employees!

John set up Zakale Creations 5 years ago. The Project is located in Huruma, which is part of Mathare Valley, within the Starehe Constituency,. The slum population is approx 8,000 with a very high unemployment rate (approx 80%). The people who live here have many problems including poor housing, lack of basic facilities, including water, roads etc. and lack of education. The ‘drop out’ from Primary School is very high and few complete their Primary School education.
Art Safi Self Help Group, Kisii & Nairobi, Kenya - 2-Feb-2009
Feb 2009 Update:

This group (formly nZuri Self Help Group) has registered its status as a self help group towards the end of 2008. It has been renamed and is now known as Art Safi . All the members remain the same with the same structure. The group have been busy working on new designs and the quality of production is ever increasing, which helps us keep customers happy! They remain a great group to trade with and we hope 2009 will see them get back on track after a struggle in 2008.
Zuri Design started buying soapstone from the Charles Ombasa and his cousins' business in 2003. The cousins are from Kisii which is in the western highlands of Kenya. Kisii is the region where most of the world's supply of soapstone originates.
Excel Concepts - Bead Making Project - 2-Feb-2009
Feb 2009 Update

2009 is a whole start for this project. We have helped the project relocate so that it can run independant of its host partners, the Excel project. It is now known as Excel Concepts and will be co-owned by four of the original young men to be trained in this project. It an excitings step as we continue to help make this project a sucess! Follow blogs for progress as the group start its first order at the new premises.

This is a truly inspiring project and we wish the men the very best with the move!
Zingira Nyanza Community Craft - 25-Jan-2008
Zingira Nyanza Community Crafts is a community based organisation based in Kisumu, Western Kenya. They co-ordinate the efforts of local artisans to produce a range of handcraft products made from recycled and locally sourced materials.
Excel Project, Kibera Slum, Nairobi April - 4-July-2006
Background to the Project and detailed information on how income generated by supplying to Zuri Design has been used to finance programs run by Excel in the year 2005
Consalata Youth Rehabilitation Programme (COYREP) Nairobi - 7-Apr-2006
Background to the Project and detailed information on how income generated by supplying to Zuri Design has been used to fiancé programs run by Consalata in the year 2005.
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